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Franchising in Australia is growing and so why are so many people now buying into a franchise?  As a start up single operator of Anything Baby we found the overheads of being a small start up business overwhelming.  Advertising, social media, SEO, marketing, promotion and the costs go on.  So why are so many people buying into franchises?  Well from where we see it, it is cost effective, a lot of the major overheads are met by the Franchisor or costs are spread within the network making it cheaper to run each individual business.  

Not to mention exposure a franchise has over a single operator, who in this country does not know the McDonalds symbol, wether you like their food or not their brand and image is everywhere and we have all watched their phenomenal growth in this county.  Now on the other hand, we have the best little burger shop in the next suburb, single operator and who would know about him except for the locals?  Franchising allows for greater exposure though with greater exposure comes greater risk.  And that risk comes from having a rouge operator within your network who does not conform to company values and support the franchise network as a whole thus tarnishing the brand for all operators.

When we franchised Anything Baby in 2012 we were very specific about the type of people we wanted to grow and promote this brand. We consulted business advisors and looked at all the qualities we wanted in a Anything Baby franchisee.  To date we have a dynamic team, all of whom promote the values of Anything Baby that stands us apart in our eyes.  We have and always will strive for two main objectives:  customer service and quality products.  Our franchisees are a group of men and women who support each other, are available to each other and communicate regularly and support each other.  They are in short a fantastic team.

So have you thought about a franchise, have you had a baby and having to return to work though hate the thought of having to leave your baby while you go back to work?  Many of our franchisees are stay at home parents who want to have the best of both worlds, an income stream and the ability to go to school events, do drop off and pick up each day, attend school outings.  These is a way to have your cake and eat it too!!

If you think you are our next dynamic, self motivated, personable and driven franchisee why don't you discuss this with us today?