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Franchise Benefits

We understand there are many different business opportunities on the market today and that choosing the right business or franchise for you is about finding the right fit, right location and right work conditions meeting the needs of you and your family. 

Did you know? There were 2,132,412 actively trading businesses in Australia as at June 2011, an increase from 2,124,650 actively trading businesses as at June 2010. Of those actively trading businesses in June 2011, almost 96 per cent were small businesses.

According to the Franchise Council of Australia...

Franchise businesses make a sizeable contribution to Australia’s economy, turning over around $131 billion in revenue annually and there are around 73,000 franchise businesses in Australia that employ around 400,000 people.  General manager Kym De Britt says franchising has grown at a better rate than other small businesses, citing a Price Waterhouse Coopers report that says franchises have seen average annual revenue growth of 10% recently.  “That generally comes because when things are tough, franchise systems have better support and marketing systems to help franchisees sustain the difficult times better,” he says.

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