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  • Gro-hush Baby Calmer

    Our Christmas Sale Price $55.00 including free delivery Australia wide.

     The Gro-hush is a unique portable white noise baby calmer. It is set to be the next ‘must have’ baby product for new and expectant mums across the globe!  

    It transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby which allows your baby to be soothed and calmed without disturbing others around you so only your baby will hear the calming tones and not others, keeping them relaxed and happy. Fantastic for use at home as part of your calming routine, or when out and about or travelling. 

    A choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which are all set at a safe volume. 

    The Gro-hush has been tested to the relevant toy safety standards  and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

    The Sound levels have been set at a volume that is safe for continuous sound as stated by the Children Hearing Institute in New York. It is not possible to alter the sound levels of the Gro-hush so you can’t have it too loud. Always ensure that you are using the Gro-hush as recommended in the Operations Instructions- always use it with the cushioned cover attached. The Gro-hush also switches off automatically after 10 minutes – you can use the Gro-hush for longer but you need to select the sound again.

     White noise has been consistently proven to calm and soothe babies, but the Gro-hush might not necessarily work immediately, every time or 1st time for your baby.  Make sure you try using the Gro-hush more than once, try using the Gro-hush for a few minutes – if they are crying very loudly it might take a little while for them to hear the white noise, and try the different sounds to work out if your baby has a favourite.
    White noise can be most effective when used initially on young babies.   We recommend to try and use the Gro-hush from newborn.
    Ensure your baby is not crying because they are hungry or require changing.   If you suspect your baby might be unwell please contact a health professional.


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